User B - Both Streaming & Live TV / DVR

Which User Am I?

User D  Configuration Narrows 10's of Selections Down To Only 1 Solution

For tracking both my streaming TV viewing and my 'Live TV' viewing, there is only one solution: Apple TV App + AT&T TV app


The Apple TV App timely updates my Watchlist on the Apple TV Home Screen ("Up Next") of the streaming I am doing on
Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max & Disney+ as well as the cloud DVR recordings done via the AT&T TV app on my behalf.


The Priceless Gem   ->   Apple TV App


Not well known is the key to the Apple TV Kingdom:   the Apple TV App !


The Apple TV App Provides (4) Benefits:

  1. Watch Now: list of content your are watching, want to watch next

  2. Apple TV+:  subscription access to Apple Originals

  3. Movies, TV Shows: you can rent or buy

  4. Library:  of all of your purchased Movies & TV Shows

The Apple TV app integrates in with the most popular streaming apps inc. Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock+.  (Unfortunately Netflix isn't integrated in but there is a work around for that)

The Apple TV App Integrates w/ 1 'Live TV' App

The AT&T TV app overall is the best "Live TV" streaming app AND it integrates with the Apple TV App! 


With the AT&T TV app, you can access live TV, sports & news and recorded to a cloud DVR any shows, movies & sports you want ! ! !