TV Tracking / Cross-app Watchlist Apps

Guide To TV Show & Movie Tracking Apps

Each streaming service (and DVRs) have various ways for you to track what you are watching.  But they ONLY track content they have access to and can NOT help you with content on other services.  


There are several mobile apps dedicated to help you find content across all content sources.  Here are the best apps for each need you have:

Tracking Your TV Shows:

EnjoyMyTV believes that the key capabilities you need to track your TV shows & movies are:

  • List of shows you are watching that have episodes available for you to watch now

  • List of shows to binge watch when you finish 1 of the current shows you are bingeing (over several days/weeks)

  • List of movies to watch

  • Easy to add shows & movies to your lists as you discover them

  • Easy to fine similar shows / movies from the ones that are your favorites

  • Easy to fine popular shows / movies to chose from


Finding a TV Show or Movie To Watch:



ReelGood is the best app to help you find something to watch.  Using a show you want to find something similar to, you see both similar content AND you also see the actors in that show, so you can also find something by seeing that actor's shows/movies.

  1. Download ReelGood to your smartphone and enter all the streaming sources you are currently are using

  2. Open ReelGood and click on Discover to get to 2 search options:

    • TV Movies - enter the name of a show/movie that you want to find other similar shows/movies​

    • Cast Crew - enter a name of an actor that you you want to find all the shows/movies s/he was in

  3. Click on the show/movie that appeals to you and then click on Details

  4. Scroll down to People Also Watched or down to Cast Crew

    • People Also Watched - you see similar shows along with 2 ratings and where the show originally 'aired'

    • Cast Crew - list of actors in the show series/movie so you can do additional searching of shows/movies by actor

  5. As you explore, you are sure to find at least one show/movie you want to add to your watch next / Someday list

SEE DIRECTIONS BELOW FROM:  Keeping design systems tight with Reelgood | Really Good Emails 


Best Cross-app Watchlist App:   Apple TV App​


Finding Media Source for a TV Show or Movie: 



JustWatch is the best app to help you find the sources of where the show/movie is located, whether on streaming, still on TV and/or available to be bought:  Shows: own by episode or own by season;  Movies: rent or own (by SD/HD/4K format).

  1. Download JustWatch to your smartphone and enter all the streaming source you are currently using

  2. Open JustWatch and click on search icon

  3. Enter the name of the show/movie you want to find 

  4. Click on that show/movie

  5. Scroll down the Watch Now - the is a WatchNow for your streaming source and a WatchNow with all options by format


Mobile Apps For Tracking Your TV Shows & Movies

Best Choice:  TV Time



  1. Download TV Time to your smartphone

  2. Enter all the TV Shows you are currently watching & want to watch

  3. Enter all the Movies you want to watch soon



SeriesGuide helps you keep track of all your TV shows & movies.  Android only :-(



Configure SeriesGuide for your viewing needs:

  1. Download the app to your Android smartphone by searching for "SeriesGuide"

  2. Click on Lists><add list+> icon and create the following 6 lists:

    1. Binge​ - for the shows you are currently binging

    2. DVR - those you are recording / watching on your DVR

    3. Someday - those shows no longer airing that you want to watch in the future

    4. Watched - shows where you have seen all episodes and its run its course

    5. Favs - shows on the 4 lists above that are you favorites

    6. All - shows from the lists above

    7. No Interest - shows you/other viewers don't want to see as recommendations

  3. Click on Shows and doing the following settings:

    • Click upper left and choose these filter options:​

      • Unwatched

      • Upcoming - and you may want to set days out - we prefer Now

      • Favorites

    • Click upper left and choose "sort shows" and click on "latest episode"​

Add all your TV shows - one by one - as follows:​

  1. Click on Shows><search> icon

  2. Type in the shows name and search for the show

  3. When found, click on it

  4. Click Details><3 dots>>Manage Lists & add it to the relevant list as well as to All

    • If its one of your favorite shows, click Favs

  5. Click Episodes and mark all the episodes you have watched so far

  6. If you are currently watching the show, click Favorite (this adds it to 'Shows')


Add all TV shows you have no interest in - easy to ignore when searching

  1. Click on Shows><search> icon

  2. Type in the shows name and search for the show

  3. When found, click on it

  4. Click Details><3 dots>>Manage Lists & add it to No Interest and not to All

  5. Click Details>Hide so that Hidden appears - this keeps it out of Shows



Daily Use While Watching Episodes of Shows:

  1. After watching an episode, go to "Shows" & click the checkmark for that episode. 
    If its a DVRed show, it will disappear until the next episode is about to be available.
    If its a Binged show, it will disappear only when the very last episode is clicked.


Finished All Episodes of a Binge Show

  1. Go to Lists>Binge and find the show you just finished

  2. Change it from the Binge list to the Watched list & click on Favorites to unmark it

  3. Go to your 'Someday' list and choose which show to binge next

  4. Change that show from the Someday list to the Binge list & mark as a Favorite

  5. Now that TV show will be in Shows so you can track your watching progress


Finding A TV Show To Watch Similar To A TV Show You Like

  1. Click on Shows><search> icon

  2. Type in a show's name that you want to find similar shows to

  3. Search for the show and when found, click on it

  4. Click Details and scroll down and click on Similar Shows

  5. All shows with a "+" on the right are 'recommendations' of shows for you to consider to watch.  Since No Interest shows don't have a "+", they are ignored

  6. Find a show that might be of interest & click on it 

  7. If appropriate, add the show following the 'add your TV shows' steps above


  • Shows displays all the TV shows you are currently watching, both binge & DVRed

  • Lists catalog all the shows are watching, you want to watch or have watched

    • Binge - shows accessed from streaming apps with all their episodes available

    • DVR - shows being recorded on your DVR that have daily/weekly episodes

    • Someday - streaming shows you want to binge watch in the future

    • Watched - lets you track what shows you are no longer watching

    • Favs - shows that are your favorites - used this list for finding similar shows

    • All - a place to see all shows you are tracking (does not include No Interest)

    • No Interest - shows you can easily ignore when looking for 'Similar Shows'

  • "Favorite" is used to have currently watching TV shows appear in Shows

  • 'Similar Shows' - ​is our way of finding related shows to watch someday

  • "Hide" is used to hide in Shows those that are on your No Interest list


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