TiVo Stream 4K
One Device, One Remote, One UI

TiVo Stream 4K OVERVIEW:


It's assumed that you have been using your TiVo Stream 4K and have the apps you use already installed.  If this is not the case, then please install your key steaming media alpps now.  Also please configure your TiVo remote to controll volume/mute & power on/off for your setup.


With having both your "Live TV" app and all your streaming media apps installed on your TiVo Stream 4K, you now have just one remote and just one user interface to access all your content / media as well as control the volume / mute :-)

Setup Your TiVo Stream 4K

1) TiVo Stream 4K Installation

Go the TV Tracking Apps page to get all the details about apps that track content across all streaming app and cable sources.

2) Optionally Add A "Live TV" App To TiVo Stream 4K

Details coming in December 2021 :-)



There are three parts to TiVo Stream 4K Configuration Setup:

       1) Unlock Stream & Netflix apps on Favorites row and setup your favorite apps row

       2) Remove Ads at Top of Home Screen, Adjust your app & content app rows and then monthly update apps

       3) Optional: improve what the TiVo remote buttons can do for you :-) 

Configure Your TiVo Stream 4K

1a) Unlock Stream & Netflix Apps on Favorite Apps Row

On your Home Screen, the Stream & Netflix apps are 'locked' in place. This unlocks them.

  1. Go to upper right corner Settings>Apps and click on "See all apps"
  2. Scroll down and click on "Show system apps" ath the bottom below all the apps
  3. Scroll down and find "com.tivo.tvlaunchercustomization", select it and click on "Disable"
  4. Go to Settings>Device Preferences>About and click on "Restart"
  5. After restart, you will notice that both Stream & Netflix apps are no longer on favorites row
  6. You will have the opportunity to add them to favorites in step 1b

2a) Remove Promotional Ads At Top of Home Screen

  1. 1st, add a monthly calendar reminder to "Update TiVo Stream Apps via Google Play Store"
  2. Launch "Google Play Store" app and go to Profile Icon>Setting>Auto-update apps
  3. Select "Don't auto-update apps"
  4. Return to Home Screen
  5. Go to Settings>Apps; scroll down & tap "See All Apps"
  6. Scroll down & tap "Show system apps"
  7. Scroll down & tap "Android TV Home"
  8. Click on "Uninstall Updates"
  9. Return to Home Screen and you will now see top promotion row gone!!!!

2b) Setup and Organize All Your Content App Rows on Home Screen

You can rearrange, remove and add content app rows to your Home Screen Note: some apps can have multiple rows you can choose from; empty rows are not displayed 1st Step: lets select the rows you want to see - then you will rearrang them in step 2

  1. From the Home Screen, scroll all the way down to "Customize Channels"
  2. On the right hand side, scroll down with each app and choose to:
  3. * Enable or disable that content app
  4. Suggestion: disable both "TiVo Stream" & "TiVo Recommended" row
  5. * Some content apps have multiple choices, open to select enable/disable for each option
  6. Return to the Home Screen
2nd Step: rearrange the rows as follows:
  1. On each roll, click over to the left to reveal two options: reorder and disable
  2. Select reorder for that row, then move it up/down to where you want it
  3. If you have second thoughts about a content row, you can use disable to remove it

3) Optionally Set Up TiVo Remote for Channels DVR Guide & Library


  • TiVo 'TiVo' button launches Channels DVR client to the "Library" section
  • TiVo 'Guide' button launches Channels DVR client to the "Guide" section
  • Other TiVo buttons can be programmed to perform various functions
Need to obtain "Button Mapper" app ($5 inapp fee) from Google Play Store 1) Setup Channels DVR client for TiVo Remote Buttons:
  1. Launch "Channels DVR" app on the TiVo
  2. Scroll all the way left, and then scroll down to select "Settings"
  3. Settings>General>Start Up>Start Up Section>select "Guide"
  4. Settings>General>Start Up>Set Dection on>select "App Launch"
    (This enables selecting the Channels DVR app icon to return to where you were)
  5. Settings>Playback>Commercial Skipping>select "Automatically"
2) On TiVo Stream - Configure "Button Mapper" App for TiVo Remote Buttons:
  1. Go to Apps & launch "Google Play Store" app and search for "Button Mapper"
  2. Click on "Install"; wait until it's installed
  3. Click on circle 'Home' button
  4. Go to Settings>Device Preferences>Accessability>Services>enable "Button Mapper" & "Channels DVR"
  5. Click on circle 'Home' button
  6. Go to Apps & launch "Button Mapper" app
  7. Scroll down and select "Add Buttons"
  8. Scroll down and select "Add Buttons"
  9. Press "TiVo" icon button on your remote
  10. Scroll down and select "DVR"
  11. Enable "Customize"
  12. Scroll down and select "Single tap"
  13. Press select and scroll down and select "Applications"
  14. Scroll down and select "Channels DVR"
  15. Set "Double tap" & "Long press" actions to "No Action" (or another action if you like)
  16. Press the 'Back' button
  17. Scroll down and select "Add Buttons"
  18. Press "Guide" icon button on your remote
    (If it launches the Channels DVR app, go back to "Buttons Mapper" app & return to this location)
  19. Scroll down and select "Guide"
  20. Make sure "Customize" is disabled
  21. Press the 'Back' button
  22. Continue to customize any other buttons on the TiVo remote
    (I customized 'Skip' button to be a "Home" button - easier UX for me)
  23. When done, hit the circle 'Home' button on the TiVo remote

1b) Setup Your Favorite Apps Row

  1. Click on "Apps" icon
  2. Scroll thru your apps and for each app you want on favorites, press and hold on each app select "Add to Favorites"
  3. Optionally, you can rearrange the order of apps
    1. Choose a app to move and long press "OK" button. Select "Move"
    2. Move the app to location you want it and press "OK" button.
    3. Continue moving the other apps by selecting another app, press "OK" to move it
  4. When done, return to Home Screen by pressing the circle button (below back button)
  5. You can now long press "OK" button on any app icon and either move it or remove it from favorites

2c) Once A Month, Check Google Play Store for App Updates

#2c ONCE A MONTH, CHECK GOOGLE PLAY STORE FOR APP UPDATES: Go to "Google Play Store" app and go to Profile Icon>Manage apps & games" Click on "Updates" (DO NOT TURN ON Auto-update) Do Not "Select All" - NADA :-( Do Not update "Android TV Home" app - NADA :-( Scroll down and click on each app you want to update & click on "Update"