Side Viewing Angle

If You Watch From The Side From Time To Time, Understand Side Angle Viewing


Side Angle Viewing - the angle at which a TV's picture quality starts to degrade when watched from the side.

Most of the time you watch your TV sitting in front of it and therefore enjoy the best viewing quality your set delivers.

You might have yourself or even had someone else tweak your TV settings to deliver that viewing quality.  It's worth the 5-to-10 minutes it takes to change key settings on your TV because you get the benefit every day.

Yet you might not realize this, when you sit over on the side - depending our your TV screen type - you may not get the best video quality you TV set delivers.  That is because of the viewing quality degrades as you move from in front of your TV to the side of your TV.  And the further you move up the side, the more it degrades.

And the only times you might sit on the side is when you have 5+ folks watching your TV together.  And this is when you might notice you are seeing less quality than when you are sitting in front of your TV.

Side angle viewing is very important to you 

if you sometimes sit on the side while

watching sports or on movie nights

You need to see the same quality
regardless of where you sit


The benefit of side angle viewing is that 

you enjoy accurate colors & contrast

whether you are sitting on the side or

straight on in your media room

For others sitting on the side,

they aren't use to the high video quality

of you 4K TV and don't notice

what they are missing by not being in front


Lets now dig into the details to truly understand which of 3 side angle alternatives is the right choice for you.


4K TV screens are marketed as LED, QLED (Samsung) and OLED.  QLED is actually a variant of LED and shares its attributes.

From a side angle viewing standpoint there are 3 screen types we label as LED-25, LED-45 and OLED: 

  • LED-20 - picture quality from the side noticeably degrades, yet is still watchable

  • LED-40 - picture quality from the side slightly degrades

  • OLED    - picture quality from the side is the same as its front angle viewing


For the highest picture quality and a wide side angle capability, buy a OLED 4K TV.  If OLED is out of your budget range, then go for a LED-45 4K TV set.  And of course, avoid buying a LED-25 4K TV.  Stretch your dollars to get LED-45 or OLED.

If the side angle viewing attribute is important to you, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your TV screen size choice:   80"     75"     65"     55"

  2. Scroll down to the the second section where all the 4K TVs are ordered by picture quality and can be filtered

  3. Select the "4K Screen Type" filter and choose "OLED" or both "OLED" & "LED-45" options

  4. Review, add filters and /or sort on picture quality, price (low-to-high), price (high-to-low) & brand (A-to-Z)

Bottom line: if you need side angle viewing, go OLED  because you get both highest picture quality and highest side angle

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Side Angle Viewing Details By Screen Type


Note:  TV Sets w/ Picture Quality 8.0 And Higher Are Highlighted - Make This Your Quality Threshold