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Purchasing Content Process

Here’s my recommendation on the best way to have digital copies of your favorite movies and shows:

  1. Choose 1 – and only 1 – streaming app to purchase movies / shows on. 

    Here are your choices:      note:  most places charge the same for the HD version as they do the SD version

Sometimes a bit cheaper

Can’t download to mobile device

Apple iTunes

Great for iPhone users

Hard to access from Roku, et al

Can download to mobile devices

Can convert DVDs you own to digital for $1.25 each!!!!

Doesn’t really have any ‘free’ content

Another app to have on your devices

I strongly recommend Vudu for the reasons given!!!   Buy everything on Vudu!

  1. Create a list of the movies and shows you want to have access to.
    Update the list when a title comes to mind or crosses your ‘desk’
    For TV shows, grab the # of seasons the show has and so indicate on your list

The key is to keep the list in rank order of your most favorite ones / watch the most at the top of the list

  1. Set aside a monthly budget, say $50 / month and set aside 1 day a month, say 3rd Sunday in the month to do next step

  2. Once a month, every month, look at your list and start purchasing the ones at the top until you have spent your $50.
    Delete those titles / seasons off of your list
    In most cases, that will net you 3-to-5 movies / TV show seasons that you now own each month
    In a year, there will be ~48 movies / TV show seasons in your Vudu account, in 2 years’ time ~96, et al

BTW:  the rest of the content on your list you haven’t bought is probably available from 1 or more streaming services
            use JustWatch to find which streaming service(s) its currently on.