How To Keep My Favorite Cable Channels When I 'Cut the Cord' With My Cable Operator

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

As we watch more and more streaming TV, why do I have to waste time switching back to my cable's set top box / DVR and dealing with another remote? Why can't I have it all in one integrated interface with one single remote?

And although there are other reasons for 'cutting the cord', such as saving a small amount of money each month, it all pales in comparison to the huge gain I get in enjoying my tv with one integrated interface and with one single remote!!!

There are 4 ways to migrate to one device, one integrated interface, one remote:

  1. Use a LG Smart TV with a 'Live TV' streaming app and a unified guide

  2. Use my existing streaming media device (SMD) w/ 'Live TV' streaming app

  3. Use Apple TV 4k device along with DirecTV Stream app (recommended)

  4. Use Apple TV 4K device along with Channels AD-FREE DVR (over the top)

Note: TiVo STB/DVR was a 5th option in the past that had ad-free recordings and access to almost all streaming media apps. Unfortunately HBOmax opted out of working with Amazon, which was the back door way of gaining access to streaming apps not directly supported by TiVo.

it is strongly recommended that you choose #4 above. It will take some time, effort and and a few $s, yet in the end I will have the BEST TV interface bar none. And my whole family will completely enjoy it:

  • One device

  • One integrated interface

  • One very simple remote

Check out this 2.5 min video showing ATV & Apple TV App as a unified guide.

Here's how to set up the recommended system:

  1. Purchase from Amazon a Apple TV 4K

  2. Launch Apple TV App and connect all your streaming apps (except Netflix)

  3. Decide whether to get go AD-FREE or not

  4. If not AD-FREE then:

  5. Download & subscribe to DirecTV Stream streaming app on Apple TV

  6. Connect Apple TV App to DirecTV Stream

  7. Move the Apple TV App to be 2nd from the left on the top row of ATV

  8. If AD-Free then:

  9. Go to the Channels DVR setup project page <coming soon>

  10. Move the Channels App to be 1st from the left on the top row of ATV

  11. Move the Netflix App to be 3rd from the left on the top row of ATV

  12. Move two other most used - but not connected to Apple TV App - to the remaining two right positions on the top row

  13. Set up the Apple TV Siri remote to control the Mute, Volume Up/Down as appropriate with either your TV set or you sound system device

If you have any questions, please go to EnjoyMyTV 'Get Help'.

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