Locate My 5.1 Speakers

Guide To Assemble Your Media Room Components

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I am now ready to install my 5.1 surround speakers.  I have 1 of these 3 options:

  1. 5.1 soundbar with virtual rear speakers

  2. 5.1 soundbar with rear speakers - install soundbar as a center speaker & follow side speaker directions

  3. 5.1 separate speakers - follow these detailed instructions

How you arrange your media room speakers has a big impact on how your surround sound system sounds.  Proper speaker placement can elevate an average-sounding system to anideal media room experience.

Placement of 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

I start my measuring from my front wall to 1.5 feet beyond where my couch is.

It needs to be a minimum of 10.5' & if longer that 13.5', then we will use 13.5' as my room depth.

​Given my room depth, I then see what is my viewing distance from my eyes when seating to my TV set.  I then move my TV set and/or my couch until I obtain that viewing distance​

My media room's primary design is watching cinematic TV while it may also secondarily accommodate other uses.

There are 3 distances that play off each other to determine my media room layout

  • My viewing distance to my 4K TV set

  • The minimum width of the wall where my TV set & left/right front speakers are and the wall has no windows

  • The minimum depth from that wall has no obstacles preventing my setup

And as I digest all these factors, I may switch where in my room we watch TV or change to another more accommodating room.​

Step 1: Place My TV Along Portion Of A Wall With No Windows &
             Center My TV & Where I Sit To Watch TV


Step 2: Resolve My Viewing Distance vs. My 4K TV Size

Step 2: Make sure My TV is mounted at the right height

Take My First Set of Measurements

Take the following 3 measurements:

  1. The distance if feet from my eyes when watching TV to the screen of my 4K TV

  2. Measure the width in feet of the wall my TV set will be on from the left obstruction/wall to the right obstruction/wall

  3. Measure the depth in feet from that wall until a obstruction occurs

Now let's figure out which is the gating factor:

  • Circle the closest number you determined:

    • <8     <10    <11.5       If any are circled on the top row, then you need to find a different location

    •   8       10       11.5       No circles on top row? Then if any are circled on this row, then this is your setup  ​

    •   9       11       12.5       No circles on the top 2 rows?  Then if any are circled on this row, this is your setup

    • 10       12       13.5       Otherwise this is your setup

First and foremost, I need to align the center of my TV as close as I can to where I sit to watch TV

 - to gain a theater-like experience in my media room, I need to make sure my TV size and my viewing distance are properly matched up.  


Why is matching my viewing distance & TV set size so important? 


Because I want the screen to occupy my view, giving me a cinematic experience while watching TV daily. My viewing distance from the TV determines the TV size I need.  The right TV set size matched to my viewing distance makes an ongoing difference daily.


Placement of 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

How you arrange your media room speakers has a big impact on how your surround sound system sounds.  Proper speaker placement can elevate an average-sounding system to an
ideal media room experience.

The best surround sound is with 6 separate speakers!

  • Speakers are placed as indicated in in diagram to the right

  • Left, right recommendation is 22 degrees

  • Surround left, right recommendation is 110 degrees

  • Subwoofer recommendation is a corner for better bass

  • Aim the left speaker at the left seat

  • Aim the center speaker at the center seat

  • Aim the right speaker at the right seat

  • The speaker's tweeter is at your ear level when your seated

Note: With our recommended 4K TV viewing angle of 33° or 16.5° from center, our left, right speaker placement recommendation of 22° puts those speakers 4" to the left, right of your 4K TV.  If you have your TV in a cabinet, you might not be able to locate the left, right speakers as indicated.  In that case, you might need to consider a Soundbar with separate side speakers.


DETAILS KB CAPTURE & TRADEOFFS - only elevate if it would impact TV selection filter or rankings

Note: these actually need to get expanded in the details section of this page, et al

  • HDCP Not Allowing 5.1 Dolby Digital via Optical Out - SANITY CHECK THIS

    • Two solution options:

      1. always use ARC for connection to Sound System​

      2. Use AVR for switching

    • IMPACT:  on which device serves as for device inputs: TV or Sound System>AVR

  • Source Device Inputs:   TV or Sound System AVR​

    • Remote control>TV>CEC dictates​