Right Viewing Distance for Cinematic Viewing

Given (2) viewing distances -

which one gives me that
cinematic viewing experience

in my home cinema room?


9' Viewing Distance


7' Viewing Distance

Key to having a home cinema setup is matching my viewing distance from my eyes to the TV screen and my TV screen size.

Why is this important?  To truly be in the screen and immersed in the entertainment, having a cinematic viewing experience is essential.  Since I watch TV daily, this makes any improvement ongoing for me and my TV compatriots. 

Step 1: Measure My Actual Viewing Distance


I measure my viewing distance in inches from where my eyes are when I sit to the TV screen.

Step 2: I make sure my viewing distance matches my TV screen size


Using my viewing distance in inches, I make sure my sitting position is within the cinematic viewing range for my TV screen size.

55-inch TV:   100"-112"       65-inch TV:   113"-124"     75-inch TV:   125"-136"     85-inch TV:   137"-148"

Step 3: I move where I sit to be within the range of my TV screen size;  If I can't, I should buy a larger TV


If I can move to that distance, great.  If not, then I should see if I can put a chair at that location and watch TV a few days from that chair to really feel as well as see the benefit of enjoying a truly cinematic TV experience.

After a couple of days, I can then figure out how to rearrange the room layout so I can move where I sit closer or I should seriously consider buying a larger TV that matches my actual viewing distance.

If I do in fact have to get a larger TV, then I can use EnjoyMyTV's Best TV Buying Guide to narrow my options down to 3 sets to choose from:  Best Price, Best Value & Best Quality.