Enjoy My TV 

Best Ways to Enjoy Your Media Room

Key Mobile Apps To Track TV & Movies You Are Currently Watching

Go the TV Tracking Apps page to get all the details about apps that track content across all streaming app and cable sources.

(5) Key Viewing Activities -> TV Shows/Movies, Sports, Music, Gaming, Personal Media

Clearly your primary activity is watching TV Shows and Movies. For watching sports, you may have a bunch of friends and family over for the big game. In that case, you will want to make sure everyone sees the same picture quality. Check out side viewing angle to learn more about this. Did you also know that you can use your TV system to play your favorite music while you watch your favorite photos from the last 12 months appear on the TV screen? It's a great activity, especially when you are reading a book and hearing your favorite music playing, to ever once in awhile glance up and see your family having fun. Then for you gamers. Need I say anything?

How To Exploit The Features In Each Streaming App You Are Using

Details coming in December 2020 :-)

How To Make TiVo The Only User Interface To All of Your Viewing Sources!!!

TiVo DVRs combine cable with the key steaming media apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Vudu to give you ONE user experience to all of your content!!!