Customize for My Use

List of What To Watch Next & One Remote

My end goal is to: 5) access all of my TV media on one device; 6) have a watchlist of what I am currently watching / want to watch & 7) use one remote to access/control my one device, my right size TV set & my 5.1 surround sound.

5.  Shift from Cable STB/DVR to 'Live TV/DVR' - if I am still watching cable/sat STB/DVR, I have to two options:  5a) Switch to a Live TV / DVR app or 5b) Switch to a Live TV / Ad-Free DVR which is a bit techie to setup.

6.  A Cross-app Watchlist Capability via My Media Device - a cross-app watchlist tracks the different shows I am currently watching & ones I want to binge next.  What a experience difference a cross-app Watchlist makes.

7.  One Remote - I have several remotes I switch between.  By having reduced down to just one media source device, I now have one remote to access/control that media device as well as volume up/down/mute my 5.1 surround sound.