Select My Media Sources

Guide To Selecting Media Sources For Your Media Room

There are 5 categories of current generation media sources:

  • The Big 3

  • Live TV

  • Sports

  • Free TV

  • Upcoming Contenders

You are probably already using 2 or more of these apps.  Should you also be accessing any other apps to complete your collection?

Coming soon:  cord cutters, here's where to come

Coming soon: details on the major streaming apps

Media Sources

4K Streaming  Apps

There are 100's of steaming apps.   Here is the high level breakdown of the most accessed streaming apps:

The Big 3 - Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hulu Are In 65% of Households:

  • Netflix

  • Amazon Prime Video

  • Hulu

Live TV:


Upcoming Contenders:

  • Disney+

  • Apple TV+

  • Paramount+ / CBS All Access

  • HBO Max

  • Peacock

  • Discovery+

Over the last several weeks, I have been doing in-depth work evaluating the various UX’s of Streaming Media Devices (SMDs) along with Reelgood, JustWatch & TiVo’s Stream App.




Here’s is the hierarchy:

  • UX of SMD | UX of ReelGood, JustWatch, Stream | UX of Smart TVs

  • UX of each streaming app, ake Netflix, Hulu, Prime, ATV, FTV, Android TV