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Guide To Selecting Media Devices For Your Media Room

You already have chosen and are enjoying your media devices.  So why read this?


This section is about you having unequaled media device(s) in your media room. 


It is also about providing you with media device recommendations for when you want to add or upgrade a media device in your home.

There are 6 categories of current generation media devices:

  1. DVRs w/some 4K streaming media apps  (SVRs)

  2. 4K Smart TVs w/streaming media apps (STVs)

  3. 4K Streaming Media Devices w/streaming media apps (SMDs)

  4. 4K Blu-ray Disk Devices (BDDs)

  5. 4K Media Center PCs (MCPs)

  6. 4K Game Console w/streaming media apps

Media Sources

SVRs - DVRs with 4K Streaming Media Apps

My strongest recommendation is a TiVo DVR with cable as you key media source.  Why?

Whether you are already a cord cutter or thinking of becoming one, I believe that you best source for media is a TiVo DVR with cable because it has auto advertising skipping built-in AND it has the most popular streaming media apps. 

Here are (3) reasons you need a TiVo DVR w/cable in your media room:


1) No Ads While Watching Recorded & Streaming Shows/Movies: TiVo DVR

While a TV show or movie is being recorded on your TiVo DVR, a person is 'bookmarking' where ads start and where they stop.   After the recording is finished, TiVo sends these 'bookmarks' to your TiVo.


With the Auto-Skip option enabled, when you play back a recorded TV show or movie, the TiVo will automatically skip over each ad as it occurs.  Thus an ad-free TV experience just like watching content on Netflix aka NO ADs to skip over.

For the streaming apps you have on TiVo, such as Hulu, pay extra where appropriate for their ad-free subscription.  This way whether you are watching a cable, Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu show/movie, you will see NO ADs ! ! !

2) 'Live TV' + Recorded TV + Streaming TV:  TiVo DVR

TiVo DVR is unique because it is the ONLY device combining 'Live TV' / Linear TV, recorded TV with auto-skipping of ads AND has streaming apps, which can all be ad-free.  Thus with 'Live TV', you can watch real-time sports & up-to-the-minute news programs. 


TiVo thus combines 'cable' TV & streaming TV into one user experience with one remote control.

3) 'Live TV' with true HD quality Video & 5.1 Surround Sound:  TiVo DVR


For cord cutters, there are (5) major 'Live TV' apps (AT&T TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Hulu w/Live TV & Sling TV).  They have 720p instead of 1080i video, thus slightly less quality.  More importantly, they do NOT have 5.1 surround sound (except AT&T TV on some devices).

Here are the (3) TiVo's we recommend to choose one for your media room.

If you prefer not to buy your DVR, have your 'cable' supplier switch you to their version of a TiVo DVR / Set Top Box.

Go to TiVo Setup to configure your new TiVo including putting Netflix, Amazon & Hulu on the menu line/numeric pad :-) 

4K Smart TVs w/ Streaming Apps

The (3) brands that we recommend - LG, Samsung & Sony - support the major streaming apps, inc. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Vudu and DirecTV's Sunday Ticket NFL football app.


And the (3) brands support your smartphone 'casting' content from your phone to your 4k TV.  This includes both Apple IOS phones as well as all Android phones.


Therefore a 4K TV is a good media source for your streaming apps.  Check out our 4K TV recommendations.

Note: if you have a TiVo DVR, then your Smart TV is the go to source for the streaming apps you are using not on TiVo.

4K Streaming  Devices w/ Streaming Apps

There are many brands in this category, with each brand has several devices to choose from. Here's list of major brands:

  • Roku - the best steaming media platform, yet its user interface is basic

  • Fire TV - is worth considering, especially if you consume a lot of Amazon Prime content.  Its user interface is okay.

  • Android TV - renamed to Google TV.  we don't recommend it because its new user interface still doesn't measure up

  • Apple TV - side project for Apple, infrequent update so we don't recommend it, even if you are a iPhone household

4K Blu-ray Players

EnjoyMyTV is biased here.  We are NOT a fan of physical media for several reasons including having to have storage space.

Instead we recommend using the streaming app Vudu to buy the media you want to 'own'.  There are many advantages to Vudu including it let's you download your media to your mobile devices for watching went out of range of the Internet (airplanes).

Yet if you have a library of DVDs / Blu-ray discs and want the best player for these, then here are some units to consider.

Behind The Scenes:  TiVo DVR vs. 'Live TV' Apps

The 4K TVs that we have selected all support your smartphone 'casting' content from your phone to your 4k TV.  This includes both Apple IOS phones as well as all Android phones.

The typical use case is to cast personal media from your smartphone to your TV or if you have been watching content on your phone and come home, then you can continue watching that content on your 4K TV screen