Choose My 4K TV Set

Behind The Scenes Details

There Are (4) Reasons to Select a New 4K TV Set

  • Better CTV Experience:  I can't move closer to my TV, so I need a larger one to increase my Cinematic TV experience

  • New Media Room: I am setting up a media room in a new home or in a different room - and want a larger TV

  • Last Legs: My TV set is on its last legs, and I need to replace it - and it will be larger than my last one!

  • HDTV: I have a HD TV in my media room - I need to upgrade to a 4K TV Set to gain a true Cinematic TV experience

Guide To Selecting The Ideal TV For Your Media Room

With 100's of 4K TVs available online to 10's of 4K TVs on display in stores,
choosing a 4K TV is a non-
trivial task. And promotion of features you don't need, such as 8K TVs, adds more confusion & additional time needed to decide.

Leveraging decades of expertise, we have narrowed those 100's of TVs down to (3) 4K TVs for me to choose from:

  • Best Quality   - best  picture quality rating at a great price

  • Best Value     - great picture quality rating at a good price

  • Best Budget   - good picture quality rating at a low price


Step 1:  Choose TV Size To Gain My Ideal Cinematic Viewing Experience

Why is TV size so important?  Because I want the screen to occupy my view, giving me a cinematic experience while watching TV daily. My viewing distance from the TV determines TV size.  The right size makes an ongoing difference.


Given My Viewing Distance, Choose My 4K TV Set From 3 Recommendations