Which User Am I ?

Choosing Which User Configuration Is Best For Me

To narrow down the 1,000s of permutations of interconnecting my items, they have simplified the process of obtaining the most enjoyable arrangement to 6 user configurations made from just 2 different choices I must make.

And this includes a capability I might not know even exists - Global Watchlists ! ! !

Choice #1:  Am I Still Accessing / Want To Access 'Live TV'/DVR or not?

There are (2) decision I have to make to determine which variation to use:

  1. Do I want Live TV/DVR or Not - probably 'yes' if I still have a cable STB/DVR or I am using a 'Live TV' app like AT&T TV

  2. If 'yes', then a upgrade option is ad-free recordings with my Live TV/DVR - note: must be a techie for this decision

Choice #2: Global Watchlist of the shows/movies I am watching, want to watch​, so I can quickly go to them

I am very use to the different 'watchlist' capabilities of each of the streaming apps I use; they track what I am watching / want to watch on each service.  BUT what I don't have is the capability to have a global watchlist across all of my streaming app/services tracking the shows / movies I am watching / want to watch.

They can now help me set this up with a little bit of effort and gain a capability I will use many times every day!!!

So my 2nd decision is whether I want 'watchlists' or not.


Given My Decisions From Above, Click On Which User Am I From The Table:

w/ Watchlists

      No Live TV/DVR         User A         User D

    Live TV/DVR         User B         User E

 Live TV/Ad-free DVR (techie)          User C            User F