I have my TV setup in place  and  I watch TV every day.
Are there things I can do that
will dramatically enrich 
my enjoyment of watching TV?

Enjoy My TV


Here are (9) ways to enrich my TV enjoyment.  And I can do just one at a time.

1.   5.1 Surround Sound - the acoustics makes me feel like I am in the middle of the action, while greater sound clarity dramatically increases my experience.  I am missing half the overall experience without 5.1 surround sound.

2.   Location of My Speakers - placing my speakers in the right locations dramatically increases my experience.


3.   Right Size TV - to gain a cinematic experience, I need to properly match my TV size with my viewing distance. 

4.   Location of My TV Set - to gain a theater-like experience in my media room, I need to make sure: 

5.   Watchlist - a cross-app watchlist tracks the different shows I am currently watching & ones I want to binge next.  And if I have cable/sat STB/DVR, I need to switch to a 'Live TV' app.  There is also an ad-free DVR recording option

6.  One Remote - by having reduced down to just one media source device, I now have one remote to access/control that device as well as volume up/down/mute my 5.1 surround sound.

7.   App Access to My Photos & Videos - most of my current photos & videos are in a vendor's cloud.  I can use a media app on my Smart Device to access that content.  And I can digitize the rest of my photos & videos several ways.

8.   App Access to My Music - there are now several sources of access to your music without resorting to digitizing your existing music. I am probably using one on my Smartphone, I just need to use the same app on my Smart Device.

9.  App Access to My DVD/Blu-ray Media - there is a way to have either Vudu or iTunes match my existing collection of DVD/Blu-ray media, charging a a couple of dollars for each match up, thus gaining digital versions.