I have my TV setup in place and I watch TV every day.
There are (5) enhancements I can make to my current TV setup
that will dramatically enrich my enjoyment of watching TV.

Enjoy My TV


Here are (5) enhancements to enrich my TV enjoyment and I can do just one at a time.

5.1  Cinematic TV:

1.  Right Size TV - to gain a theater-like experience in my media room, I need to make sure my TV size and/or my viewing distance are properly matched up.  I also need to locate the TV at the correct height and location, et al.

2.  5.1 Surround Sound - the acoustics makes me feel like I am in the middle of the action, while greater sound clarity dramatically increases my theater-like experience.  I also need to have my speakers in the right locations.

Customize For My Use Case:

3.  Shift from Cable STB/DVR to 'Live TV/DVR' - if I am still watching cable/sat STB/DVR, I need to switch to a Live TV/DVR streaming app to gain a one remote user interface.  I can also upgrade to ad-free DVR recordings as well.

4.  A Cross-app Watchlist Capability via My Media Device - a cross-app watchlist tracks the different shows I am currently watching & ones I want to binge next.  What a experience difference a cross-app Watchlist makes.

5.  One Remote - you have several remotes you switch between.  By having reduced down to just one media source device, I now have one remote to access/control that device as well as volume up/down/mute my 5.1 surround sound.

Add The Following  Capabilities:

a.  My Photos & Videos - you haven't been to the movies in a year yet you do miss that cinematic experience.  You can also have that experience in your media room.  What you need is a TV set whose size matches your actual viewing distance.

b.  My Music - there are now several sources of access your music without resorting to digitizing your existing music. I am probably using one on my Smartphone, just need to use the same app on my Smart Device.

c.  Streaming Access to My DVD/Blu-rays Media - there is a way to have either Vudu or iTunes match my existing collection of DVD/Blu-ray media, charging a a couple of dollars for each match up, thus gaining digital versions.

Ad-Free TV - you already enjoy ad-free TV with Netflix & Prime Video. So you can get ad-free subscriptions to Hulu & other streaming apps.  And for those watching pay TV, you can get ad free TV in all of your pay TV recordings!  So besides watching live sports and news, all of your pay TV watching is completely ad-free.  What you need is a DVR that auto-skips all ads while playback recordings!

(3) Types of Rooms With a TV  -   Enjoy My TV's  Focus Is Solely On Media Rooms

General Purpose Room - a room whose secondary purpose is to watch TV, even though the room is mostly used for TV

Media Room - a room with cozy family & friends seating, 5.1 surround sound and front & center: a large cinematic TV

Home Theater - a room sans windows & has sound absorbing doors that is dedicated to only watching TV

Enjoy My TV Media Rooms


Behind The Scenes Details

Choosing Which User Configuration Is Best For Me

To narrow down the 1,000s of permutations of interconnecting my items, they have simplified the process of obtaining the most enjoyable arrangement to 6 user configurations made from just 2 different choices I must make.

And this includes a capability I might not know even exists - Cross-app Watchlists ! ! !

Choice #1:  Am I Still Accessing / Want To Access 'Live TV'/DVR or not?

There are (2) decision I have to make to determine which variation to use:

  1. Do I want Live TV/DVR or Not - probably 'yes' if I still have a cable STB/DVR or I am using a 'Live TV' app like AT&T TV

  2. If 'yes', then a upgrade option is ad-free recordings with my Live TV/DVR - note: must be a techie for this decision

Choice #2: Cross-app Watchlist of the shows/movies I am watching, want to watch​, so I can quickly go to them

I am very use to the different 'watchlist' capabilities of each of the streaming apps I use; they track what I am watching / want to watch on each service.  BUT what I don't have is the capability to have a cross-app watchlist across all of my streaming app/services tracking the shows / movies I am watching / want to watch.

They can now help me set this up with a little bit of effort and gain a capability I will use many times every day!!!

So my 2nd decision is whether I want 'watchlists' or not.


Given My Decisions From Above, Click On Which User Am I From The Table:

w/ Watchlists

      No Live TV/DVR         User A         User D

    Live TV/DVR         User B         User E

 Live TV/Ad-free DVR (techie)          User C            User F


Cross-app Watchlist Option - I directly/indirectly use the Watchlists in my various streaming apps already.  What I don't have is a cross-app that captures what I am currently watching as well as shows/movies I want to watch.

Live TV/DVR Option - I have already made the decision whether I have Live TV

If I do have Live TV, then if its via cable/sat service, I need to convert over to a Live TV/DVR app.

Ad-Free DVR Option - I already enjoy ad-free TV with Netflix & Prime Video. And I subscribed to ad-free subscriptions to Hulu & other streaming apps.  And if I do have Live TV - whether via cable/sat or a 'live tv' app, then there is the option to get a Live TV w/ad-free DVR.  So all the recordings I watch are ad-free.  Of course I still see ads when I watch sports & news live.

BTW: this option is definitely techie and not cheap, so I have to decide whether Ad-free DVR is worth my techie time and $400 out-of-pocket (in addition to cable bill)

My End Goal is:  only ONE smart device, only ONE user interface & only ONE remote ! ! !