You have your TV setup in place and you watch TV every day.
Did you know that (3) enhancements to your current TV setup
will dramatically enrich your enjoyment of watching TV?

Enjoy My TV


How To Enrich Your TV Enjoyment

1.  Cinematic TV - you haven't been to the movies in a year yet you do miss that cinematic experience.  You can also have that experience in your media room.  What you need is a TV set whose size matches your actual viewing distance.

2.  Surround Sound - the acoustics make you feel you are in the middle of the action, a true 3rd dimension. 

Greater sound clarity also dramatically contributes to your TV experience.  What you need is 5.1 surround sound.

3.  One Remote - you have several remotes you switch between.  Having just a single remote adds to your viewing enjoyment and can add new experiences to your TV enjoyment.  What you need is all apps on a single streaming device.

Ad-Free TV - you already enjoy ad-free TV with Netflix & Prime Video. So you can get ad-free subscriptions to Hulu & other streaming apps.  And for those watching pay TV, you can get ad free TV in all of your pay TV recordings!  So besides watching live sports and news, all of your pay TV watching is completely ad-free.  What you need is a DVR that auto-skips all ads while playback recordings!

(3) Types of Rooms With a TV  -   Enjoy My TV's  Focus Is Solely On Media Rooms

General Purpose Room - a room whose secondary purpose is to watch TV, even though the room is mostly used for TV

Media Room - a room with cozy family & friends seating, 5.1 surround sound and front & center: a large cinematic TV

Home Theater - a room sans windows & has sound absorbing doors that is dedicated to only watching TV

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