Enjoy My TV

Here are 7 actions I can do to truly  Enjoy My TV  daily.     And I can do them one at a time.

Gain A True Cinematic TV Experience In My Home:

1.  Locating My TV & Seating So I Am In The Theater  -  THX cinematic viewing is quickly gained by adjusting the distance from my couch to the TV screen.  Viewing covers 50% of a truly Cinematic TV Experience.

2.  5.1 Surround Sound - the acoustics makes me feel like I am in the middle of the action, while greater sound clarity dramatically increases my experience.  5.1 surround sound covers 50% of a truly Cinematic TV Experience.

3.  Install My TV Set - to gain a cinematic experience in my media room, I need to locate my TV at the correct height, location & viewing distance from my eyes.  I also need to setup various options to ensure a cinematic TV experience. 

4.  Install My Speakers - placing my speakers in the right locations dramatically increases my experience.  What I need to do is to temporally set my speakers up correctly, and then after 2 nights of watching TV I will never go back.

Optimize, Customize And Simplify For Our Use:

5.  Shift from Cable STB/DVR to 'Live TV/DVR' - if I am still watching cable/sat STB/DVR, I need to switch to a Live TV/DVR streaming app to gain a one remote user interface.  I can also upgrade to ad-free DVR recordings as well.

6.  A Cross-app Watchlist Capability via My Media Device - a cross-app watchlist tracks the different shows I am currently watching & ones I want to binge next.  What a experience difference a cross-app Watchlist makes.

7.  One Remote - I have several remotes I switch between.  By reducing down to just one media source device, I now can have one remote to control that media device as well as volume up/down/mute buttons for my 5.1 surround sound.

Add Ons:

a.  My Photos & Videos - most of my current photos & videos are in a vendor's cloud.  I can use a media app on my Smart Device to access that content.  And I can digitize the rest of my photos & videos several ways.

b.  My Music - there are now several sources of access your music without resorting to digitizing your existing music. I am probably using one on my Smartphone, just need to use the same app on my Smart Device.

c.  Streaming Access to My DVD/Blu-rays Media - there is a way to have either Vudu or iTunes match my existing collection of DVD/Blu-ray media, charging a a couple of dollars for each match up, thus gaining digital versions.