My Cinematic 4K TV Set Buying Guide

Behind The Scenes Details

With 100's of 4K TVs available online to 10's of 4K TVs on display in stores, choosing a 4K TV is a non-trivial task. And the promotion of 10's of features I don't need - such as 8K TVs - adds more confusion & additional time needed to decide.

Leveraging extensive analysis, those 100's of TVs have been narrowed down to just (9) 4K TVs for me to choose from!

ANd each of these (9) TV sets have key attributes I need including HDR 10, 4 HDMI 2.1 ports & Smart TV capabilities.

To choose from these (9) Recommended 4K TV Sets in Step 2, understanding (3) important factors in Step 1 can help me choose.

Step 1:  (3) Important Factors To Know Before Choosing My Cinematic 4K TV Set

1st:  Sound is 50% of the Cinematic TV Experience


Star War's director George Lucas has said sound is 50% of the moviegoing experience.

Sound is important because it engages us, it evokes emotional responses and moves us in ways visuals can't and because certain combinations of sound & visuals can evoke what neither can do alone.


The sound from dialog, sound effects and music elevates my video dramatically.

To truly gain a Cinematic TV experience, I need a 5.1 Surround Sound system.

And that must be taken into account

2nd: Viewing Angle is the Other 50% of the Cinematic TV Experience

The key to a great Cinematic TV Experience is to have the edges of my 4K TV at a cinematic viewing angle, therefore reproducing a theater-like movie experience.

THX is a company whose mission is to deliver the best possible entertainment experiences by setting movie & TV industry standards for audio and video.

For video, THX recommends a viewing angle of 40° with a minimum angle of 36°.  My TV set diagonal x1.2 and x1.35 gives me my viewing distance range.

Bottom line: get as big a 4K TV as I can afford.  No one complains after using the TV for a while of buying too large a set, yet many folks complain of buying one too small.  Can't buy larger, then I must - with no hesitation - move closer!

3rd: Center My Selection Based On My Room Type

There are (3) 4K TV sizes to choose from and thus most folks incorrectly center their decision making around the TV size, letting various constraints block them.

These constraints can include figuring out the right TV size, sorting out furniture around the TV, the arrangement of seating in the room and whether my viewing seat is centered on the TV or not.

Instead, there is another center-point to decide which TV size is right for me. And that center-point is room type.  In other words, what room type truly matches my TV viewing so that I truly Enjoy My TV every day?


A Room w/TV is a living, family, great room, kitchen, bedroom with a TV in it.  If my room type is Room w/TV, go to step 2.


And a Home Theater with all the sound-proofing, et al work is not covered here.

Therefore my next decision is whether a Media Room or a Cinema Room is my room type?


Now that I have decided between Media Room & Cinema Room as my room type, I can now choose my 4K TV set!

Step 2:  Choose using Room Type, Quality & Price From 3-to-9 Recommended 4K TVs

​For Cinema Room, choose from (3) 85" 4K TVs below, using picture quality & price to decide

For   Media Room, choose from (6) 75" & 85" 4K TVs below, using my viewing distance, picture quality & price to decide

For    Room w/TV, choose from (9) 65", 75" & 85" 4K TVs below, using constraints of my Room w/TV as well as price to decide

  • Mouse over each 4K TV set to see its picture quality rating, its TVs sales rank on Amazon as well as any pros/cons

  • Click on one of the recommended 4K TV sets to see details of that TV set as well as a link to purchase on Amazon

  • Click on 1 of the (3) 4K TVs icons to see all selected TV sets in that TV size, sorted by product quality & by brand


Viewing Distance:

                      77" to 88"

                      6.4' to 7.3'


Viewing Distance:

                      89" to 101"

                      7.4' to 8.4'