Best TV Buying Guide

Only ​2 Steps To Choose The Right TV For Me


With 100's of TVs available online to 10's of TVs on display in stores, choosing a TV is a non-trivial task. And the promotion of many features I don't need - such as 8K TVs - adds more confusion & additional time needed to decide.

To make this as uncomplicated & effortless as possible for me, EnjoyMyTV has used these 10 'Must Have' TV attributes to filter 100's of TVs down to 12-to-16 selected TVs in each TV size. Then EnjoyMyTV's ratings picks 3 sets for me to choose from.

  • Best Premium - best  picture quality - great price score

  • Best Value      - great picture quality - good price score

  • Best Budget    - good picture quality - low price score

To guide me in choosing the right TV for me between the 3 Best TVs in each size, I use EnjoyMyTV's 2 step process.

Step 1:  Match Viewing Distance & TV Size To Gain A THX Cinematic Viewing Experience Daily

Why is TV screen size so important? Because with the right size TV I gain a THX cinematic viewing experience daily.

The average TV viewer has

a 9' viewing distance to a 65" TV

which is NOT a

THX cinematic viewing experience

To gain the experience,

move closer and/or get a larger TV


Average TV Viewer


Home Cinema Viewer

9' Viewing Distance to 65" TV

move 2' closer:

7' Viewing Distance to 65" TV

move 1' closer  &  go larger

8' Viewing Distance to 75" TV

                         or just go larger

9' Viewing Distance to 85" TV


Having a THX cinematic viewing experience draws me into the scene, immersing us in the entertainment

Measure My Viewing Distance To Determine Right TV Screen Size For Me

I measure my viewing distance from the TV screen to where my eyes are when I sit. I round that distance to the nearest foot.  Then I use the chart below to choose the right TV screen size for me. 


Expert tip: I can sit up to 6" closer and 5" further away from the rounded viewing distance.

With the right TV size for me in hand, I can now choose from the (3) Best TVs for me!

Step 2: Choose The Right TV For Me From The Best Budget, Best Value or Best Premium TVs

After choosing the right size TV, the final 2 elements in choosing my TV comes down to the Picture Quality & Price tradeoff.

Picture Quality:  TVs have a wide range of picture quality (PQ).  A higher quality TV gains me accurate colors & contrast



Price:  the current price of each TV set on Amazon

To really help me with sorting out the picture quality & price tradeoff, 2 #s are used to make up each TVs EnjoyMyTV Rating.

  • 3 picture quality groups: 7 - Budget, 8 - Value & 9 - Premium   (left digit)

  • picture quality divided by price and pro-rata ranked the results (right digit)

​Then the EnjoyMyTV Rating is used to pick the Best Budget, Best Value & Best Premium TV for each Product Quality Group.

Having resolved the right TV size for me, I can now choose the Best Budget, Value or Premium TV set that is right for me.

The Best TVs  Mouse over a TV to see its EnjoyMyTV Ranking & Picture Quality; Click on a set to see all its details

3 Best  65"  4K TVs
for 7' Viewing Distance