Best Sources For My TV

Apple TV

   HD 32GB           4K 32GB         4K 64GB

Amazon Fire TV

         HD                  4K                  4K Max         Cube+Echo

Android TV

    4K Tivo           4K Xiaomi        4K Nvidia      4K Nvidia Pro


 HD Express         4K Stick         4K Express        4K Ultra

Behind The Scenes Details

Behind The Scenes:  TiVo DVR vs. 'Live TV' Apps

The 4K TVs that we have selected all support your smartphone 'casting' content from your phone to your 4k TV.  This includes both Apple IOS phones as well as all Android phones.

The typical use case is to cast personal media from your smartphone to your TV or if you have been watching content on your phone and come home, then you can continue watching that content on your 4K TV screen