One Remote


Let's Make Your TV Watching Simple:  One Source Device with just One Remote Give You One User Interface


You have a Smart TV with its remote, a 5.1 Surround Sound system with its remote and 1 or more source devices, each with their own remotes.   These source device can be Streaming Media Devices (SMDs) like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Google TV and/or an Android TV device such a TiVo Stream 4K or NVidia Shield.  You may also have a cable STB/DVR as well as a gaming console such as Xbox or PlayStation.  And let's not forget those with CD, DVD & Blu-ray Players.  Heck, might even be a VCR laying around.

So How Do You Get Down To One Device For Accessing All Your TV-related Content???

Assuming you already are using your Smart TV or a Streaming Media Device for all your streaming media applications, then we just need to sort out two potential issues:

  1. If you have a cable/sat DVR, then how to migrate to a "Live TV' app on your Smart TV / SMD

  2. How to use your Smart TV / SMD remote to control volume/mute as well as power on/off

Vudu Frees Up Needing a DVD/Blu-ray Player

Behind The Scenes Details

Here's How To Choose Whether To Use Your Smart TV or a SMD As Your One Source Device

Here's How To Assemble Your Smart TV, Your 5.1 Surround System & Optionally Your SMD With One Remote

Here's How To Program Your Remote To Control Volume & Mute As Well As Power On/Off Your Setup

If You Have A Cable/Sat Subscription, Here's How To Convert Over To A 'Live TV' Streaming/DVR App

Here's How To Get Additional Remote For Your Viewing Companion To Also Have A Remote In Their Hands


Behind The Scenes Details