Best TV For Me Buying Guide 2021

EnjoyMyTV Analysis Narrows 100's of TVs Down To The 3 Best For Me


Buying a TV set is never easy:  too many variables / options.


To simplify choosing my TV, EnjoyMyTV has done an in-depth analytical analysis for me that narrows 100's of TVs down to just 18 selected sets (3 brands x 3 models x 2 model years) in each TV size using the following criteria:


  • Each selected set is 4K and thus supports me having a THX Cinematic TV Viewing Experience every day

  • Each selected set has all 10 'Must Have' capabilities, several of which I don't know I need but I do

  • Each selected set comes from 1 of the 3 major TV brands to ensure high picture quality:  LG, Samsung, Sony

  • Each selected set comes in 1 of 3 models: Entry, Mainstream, Top of the Line for options in picture quality vs pricing

  • Each selected set is either a 2020 Model (cheaper) or a 2021 Model (newer) and all available from Amazon

From these 18 selected sets, EnjoyMyTV then recommends the 3 best TVs for me: Best Price, Best Value & Best Quality

My Viewing Distance -> Right TV Size -> 3 Best TVs For me

I should choose my TV size based on measuring my viewing distance from TV screen to my eyes thus ensuring I will get a THX cinematic TV experience.  Given my actual viewing distance, I can then choose below the right TV size for me!

If I watch sports/movies w/4+ friends then I should get a OLED 4K TV.  A OLED TV will give everyone in the room the same picture quality & brightness regardless of where they sit.  Many LED TV sets don't do this.

 Learn more about:   Viewing Distance    Picture Quality Rating  TV Set Sales   OLED / LED TVs     Brands/Models    Model Year     10 'Must Haves'   

Mouse over a set to see its picture quality, TV set sales & O/LED TV; Click on a set to see all its details

My Viewing Distance Is: 78" to 89"

6.5'  to 7.4' 

3 Best  65"  4K TVs


My Viewing Distance Is: 90" to 101"

7.5'  to  8.4' 

3 Best  75"  4K TVs