Super Bowl TV Buying Guide

Only ​2 Steps To Select The Right Super Bowl TV By Saturday 02-12-2022


With 100's of TVs available online to 10's of TVs on display in stores, choosing a new TV is a non-trivial task. To make this as uncomplicated & effortless as possible for me, EnjoyMyTV has used these 10 'Must Have' TV attributes along with ranking each TV's picture quality & its price to filter all the TVs in each TV size down to the 3 Best Super Bowl TVs to select from:

9.9 - Best Premium TV -   best picture quality @ lowest price

8.9 - Best Value TV      - great picture quality @ lowest price

7.9 - Best Budget TV    - good picture quality @ lowest price

Step 1: Select TV Size to Match My Viewing Distance to Gain A Super Bowl Viewing Experience

Why is TV screen size so important? Because with the right size TV I gain a Super Bowl viewing experience that draws me into the play, immersing me in the game's dynamics.

The average TV viewer has

a 65" TV with a 9' viewing distance

which is NOT a

Super Bowl Viewing Experience

To gain a true Super Bowl viewing experience, I move closer to my TV or I get a larger TV


Average TV  Viewer

EnjoyMyTV New TV for Super Bowl 2022

New TV For Super Bowl 2022  Viewer

I Measure My Viewing Distance from the TV screen to where my eyes are.  I round that distance to the nearest foot.  Then I use the chart below to select the right TV screen size for me. 


Expert tip: I can sit up to 6" closer and 5" further away from the rounded viewing distance.

Step 2: Select The Right TV For Me From Best Budget TV, Best Value TV or Best Premium TV

After selecting the right size TV, the final element in selecting my TV comes down to my budget.


The Best TVs by size Mouse over a TV to see its EnjoyMyTV Ranking & Picture Quality; Click on a set to see all its details

3 Best  65 inch  TVs
for 7' Viewing Distance