Best Live TV/DVR Apps

Guide To Selecting Which LiveTV/DVR App For My Home Cinema Setup

There are 2 major reasons to use a Live TV/DVR app to access 'Live TV':

  1. Access to all my TV watching on 1 device, 1 remote via my streaming device

  2. Slighlty less cost than cable/satellite TV AND no extra equipment / cables

The 6 major Live TV/DVR apps are:

  • YouTube TV - and not the same as YouTube

  • DirecTV Stream - formerly known as AT&T TV, et al

  • Hulu+Live TV - a pay option that adds Live TV/DVR to Hulu streaming service

  • Sling TV - the Blue package, the Orange package or both - no ABC, no CBS

  • Fubo TV - more sports oriented and 2.0 stereo only sound

  • Philo TV - the cheapest one & with far less channel options


Only DirecTV Stream, YouTube TV & Hulu+Live TV Have These Needed Capabilities:

  • Channels I Need:

    • All 3 services have local channels for ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC

    • All 3 services have the same 83 channels, although some channels could be a pay extra option

    • Out of the 99 total channels available on 1 or more Live TV/DVR apps:

      • DirecTV Stream has  2 missing channels

      • YouTube TV      has 15 missing channels

      • Hulu+Live TV   has 17 missing channels

  • Unlimited cloud DVR - either included or a pay option - some remove recordings older than 90 days

  • Fast forwarding - especially past commercials - either included or a pay extra option

  • 2 parallel streams or more - adding more parallel streams is a pay extra option

  • 5.1 Surround Sound on most channels

  • Cinemax, HBO Max, Showtime & Starz premium channels are pay extra options

So How Do I Decide Between The 3 Best Live TV/DVR Apps?  I Choose The One That Has The Channels I Need

  1. If I use the Apple TV App on my Apple TV, then I should get DirecTV Stream since it integrates with the Apple TV app

  2. Otherwise, I eliminate a service or two if they are missing 1 or more channels I need
    Note: the NFL Network is not needed in the 2022/23 season - Amazon is streaming all Thursday night games

  3. If there is more than one with all the channels I need, then I use price to determine which one I should go with


'Fast Fwd': to get fast forwarding past ads, I need to pay $10 extra for Cloud DVR with DirecTV Stream or with Hulu+Live TV


Behind The Scenes Details

Does Cord Cutting Really Save Me Money $ $ $    Answer:  Some $ Saving Monthly


What I will pay for a 'Live TV' streaming app monthly is around the same cost or slightly lower cost than cable/satellite TV.

The real savings is in the rental cost for each of my DVR/STBs in my home and the rental cost for each STB's cable card.

So Why Switch?

Because now all of our TV watching is via ONE SINGLE DEVICE with ONE REMOTE CONTROL: our streaming device!

99 Channels Across The 3 Live TV Services - Each Service Is Missing 2 or more channels

The 45 bolded channels are available on all 3 Live TV services.  For each services missing channels, see table above.


Online Tool For Entering The Channels I Need & Finding The Right Live TV/DVR Service For Me

If choosing using the table at the top isn't working for me, then I can use this Live TV Streaming Channel Tool via