Assemble My TV 

Guide To Assemble Your Media Room Components

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This page will show you "how to" regarding your 4K Smart TV:

  • Place your TV set appropriately to make sure the viewing distance matches its size

  • Set up your TV with additional components, such as 5.1 Surround System & source devices

  • Configure all the settings on your TV

This page will show you "how to" regarding your 5.1 Surround System:

This page will show you "how to" regarding each one of your source devices:

Finally, this page will show you "how to" regarding your remote control:

  • Program your TV's remote control to be a universal remote OR program a universal remote control


Placement of 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

How you arrange your media room speakers has a big impact on how your surround sound system sounds.  Proper speaker placement can elevate an average-sounding system to an
ideal media room experience.

The best surround sound is with 6 separate speakers!

  • Speakers are placed as indicated in in diagram to the right

  • Left, right recommendation is 22 degrees

  • Surround left, right recommendation is 110 degrees

  • Subwoofer recommendation is a corner for better bass

  • Aim the left speaker at the left seat

  • Aim the center speaker at the center seat

  • Aim the right speaker at the right seat

  • The speaker's tweeter is at your ear level when your seated

Note: With our recommended 4K TV viewing angle of 33° or 16.5° from center, our left, right speaker placement recommendation of 22° puts those speakers 4" to the left, right of your 4K TV.  If you have your TV in a cabinet, you might not be able to locate the left, right speakers as indicated.  In that case, you might need to consider a Soundbar with separate side speakers.


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  • HDCP Not Allowing 5.1 Dolby Digital via Optical Out - SANITY CHECK THIS

    • Two solution options:

      1. always use ARC for connection to Sound System​

      2. Use AVR for switching

    • IMPACT:  on which device serves as for device inputs: TV or Sound System>AVR

  • Source Device Inputs:   TV or Sound System AVR​

    • Remote control>TV>CEC dictates​