Add Ons

access to my other media

Besides my TV media, I also need to access my other media, which includes all my photos & videos, the music I listen to as well as gaining streaming access to my extensive collection of DVDs and a few Blu-rays I have on my shelf.  

a.  My Photos & Videos - most of my current photos & videos are in a vendor's cloud.  I can use a media app on my Smart Device to access that content.  And I can digitize the rest of my photos & videos several ways.

b.  My Music - there are now several sources of access your music without resorting to digitizing your existing music. I am probably using one on my Smartphone, just need to use the same app on my Smart Device.

c.  Streaming Access to My DVD/Blu-rays Media - there is a way to have either Vudu or iTunes match my existing collection of DVD/Blu-ray media, charging a a couple of dollars for each match up, thus gaining digital versions.