About My EnjoyMyTV Guide: Barry James Folsom, Fortune Magazine 2002 Gadget Guru

Greetings & welcome to EnjoyMyTV!


My name is Barry James Folsom, a long time Media Room/home theater guru whose purpose is to guide you in selecting, assembling and enjoying your TV.  


In addition to this passion of mine, I have been CEO of several public & private Silicon Valley startups. I also worked with a fabulous team at Motorola designing & building a next gen set top box code-named ICEbox. 


Several folks on the ICEbox team went on to work on Roku, Amazon's Fire TV and head up Apple TV.

EnjoyMyTV's Mission

EnjoyMyTV's mission is to fully enable you to create the most enjoyable media experience for you & your TV companions.


Enjoy My TV does this by its long and painstaking analysis in selecting of the best choice options for you of a 4K Smart TV set, a 5.1 surround sound setup and if needed a Set Top Box / DVR and/or a Media device (which could include a Media PC/Mac). 


Then Enjoy My TV guides you in the best calibration of your TV set and the best calibration of your 5.1 sound system.


Next, Enjoy My TV guides you thru setting up a universal remote control based on you viewing activities including enjoying listening to music while watching your family photos.

Lastly, Enjoy My TV guides you thru choosing the best media sources to access the content you & your TV companions truly enjoy the most, be it binge-worthy TV shows, the latest movies, realty TV called sports, gaming or viewing your family photos.

Barry James' Home Theater & Cinema/TV Rooms


Over the years I have been fortunate to have selected & assembled - with some guides helping me at the time - fabulous Home Theater Room & many Media Rooms.  Below are some pictures and details about these rooms.

Home Theater and 3 TV Rooms in Silicon Valley (2008 - 2011)

  • Enclosed HD projector with silent venting to the outside

  • 7.4 Surround Sound - (4) subwoofers centered on each wall​

    • Butt mover speakers under the seating

  • (2) doors to the rear of the room with acoustic proofing

  • Room is so acoustically quite that the DVR was outside​

  • 104" Screen acoustically flat from 20-20,000hz

    • Center speaker directly behind the screen​

    • Front subwoofer under the center speaker

  • Left & right Klipschhorn speakers​

  • Front row viewing distance 11' with 42.8 viewing angle

LAH 2011 (22).jpg

​Great Room

  • 65" HD TV

  • DIRECTV DVR in cabinet to left of TV

  • AVR in cabinet to left of TV

  • 5.1 Surround Sound

    • Left, Center, Right speakers above the TV​

    • Subwoofer below the TV

    • Left Rear, Right Rear mounted high on rear wall

LAH 2011 (36).jpg

​Master Bedroom

  • 55" HD TV


  • 5.1 Surround Sound

LAH 2011 (29).jpg

Exercise Room

  • 32" Monitor

  • DIRECTV DVR in closet

  • AVR in closet

  • 5.1 Surround Sound

    • Subwoofer is in right front corner​

    • Rear speakers are behind the exercise equipment

Cinema Room & TV Room in San Francisco (2012 - 2016)    -     Don't have any pictures :-(   

Media Room in Orange County (2017 - today)


Media Room  (a 85" TV would make this a Cinema Room)

  • 75" Samsung Q9FN TV with 4 inputs:

    • Media PC with family photos and video

    • Roku Ultra to watch aquarium screen saver

    • Android TV to watch nature pictures

    • Apple TV 4K via Yamaha V685 AVR

  • Yamaha V685 AVR with DSP presence speaker capability

    • Apple TV 4K as sole TV/movie content platform

  • 5.1 surround sound speakers and (2) presence speakers

    • Use different Digital Signal Processing Signals (DSP)​

      • "Standard" for TV / movies​

      • "The Bottom Line" for music

  • Harmony Companion universal remote control w/2 activities

    • Listening to Music - with (5) video source selections​

      • Close caption TV, Media PC, Roku, Android TV, Off​

    • Watching TV - live, auto ad skip recordings, streaming

Media Room Source Components Along With Motorola ICEbox prototype


​Media Source Components Used in Evaluations

  • From Left To Right, back row

    • Roku Ultra & its remote control​

    • Apple TV 4K & its remote control

    • Fire TV 4K stick & its remote control

    • TiVo 4K Stick & its remote control

    • Android TV 4K & its remote control

    • TiVo Bolt & its remote control

    • ICEbox with (5) ice cubes

  • From Left to Right, middle row​

    • Harmony Companion remote control​

    • Samsung Q9FN remote control for Tizen streaming apps

  • Front row, right side​

    • ICEbox remote control​ & ICEbox promotional materials

Some Additional Sharing

Unique:  I Listen To My Music From Its 5.1 Surround Sound Recording ! ! !

BTW: One thing that I do that is unique is listening to my music in its original 5.1 surround audio recording instead of in stereo.

No, you won't find 5.1 surround music on Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Apple or Amazon.

I bought my favorite artists DVDs albums recorded in 5.1 surround sound and ripped them to disk for playback at any time!

And while listening to my 5.1 music, I am also watching on my TV screen either our favorite family photos, an aquarium, a TV show with close captions or a blank screen.

I truly Enjoy My TV   :-)

Behind The Scenes Details


From Fortune Magazine


April 29 2002 Issue


Tech Toys - Barry James Folsom CEO, PlaceWare Inc.

My favorite gadget these days? The Palm i705.


I primarily take notes during meetings with the Palm. Because folks think I am doing that, they don't know I occasionally receive and respond to a few e-mails during the meeting. With a BlackBerry, it's obvious that all you are doing is e-mails and not paying attention. This way I get much more done.


Also with push wireless, the Palm has replaced my PC as my primary device--I'm definitely now a big believer in the post-PC world!


Another favorite is the Panasonic DVD Recorder. I also have a computer DVD recorder, but it takes hours to do. With the Panasonic I get it all done in minutes! Why spend hours "editing" while the few folks who will actually watch your home videos can fast-forward through what they don't want to sit through? They get content quicker, and I don't waste hours preparing the DVDs.