4K TV Gift Ideas

In the room where we watch the most TV, we on average sit about 9 feet away from the TV screen.  Therefore we actually need a 70-to-75 inch 4K TV to truly enjoy a cinematic viewing experience.  Yet they cost more than smaller sizes.

So we pulled together these least expensive 70-to-75 inch 4K TVs on Amazon to help you in choosing your TV gift.

Also shown is the Picture Quality of each TV set on a scale of 10. 

70 Inch 4K TVs

Picture Quality: 7.0

Picture Quality: 6.7

75 Inch 4K TVs

Picture Quality: 6.9

Picture Quality: 7.0

Note:  if you opt for a smaller size TV set the 70 inches, then we strongly suggest that you also shorten your viewing distance to match the size TV you purchase.  It will make all the difference!!!

If for some reason, you can not shorten you viewing distance, then stretch your budget to get the right size set.

Remember you will have the new TV set for at least 5 years, so get the most out of it that you can!!!


Choosing TV size is your 1st AND most important decision in your buying process.

Note: the 4 TVs shown above are NOT part of our recommend 4K TVs because they don't support all 'must have' TV attributes.  Thus you are potentially giving up a key capability needed to make your entire entertainment system work together.