2020 Gadget Gift Suggestions

As the former Silicon Valley Gadget Guru, I have bought 100's of gadgets over the years.

Below is the list of new gadgets that I bought this year that could be a great holiday gift for your family or a friend:


My 3 Unique Gadgets for 2020

These 3 gadgets standout in my mind because they bring major benefits and are not obvious items touted by anyone.

  • Heunwa Electricity Saving Box - buy 4+ of these and plug them into outlets where your home office is, where you TV equipment is, where you refrigerator is, etc.  You will save from 10% to 20% on your next electricity bill.

  • CyberPower UPS w/12 Outlets - with us working full time from home, get this Universal Power Supply for you and your spouses desks.  That way if there is a power outage, you can continue working for another 30-to-60 minutes.

  • Anker Vertical Mouse - at the desk/table that you are spending a lot of time at, this ergonomic mouse will make a big difference!   After you get it, you will see that it just perfectly fits your hand - its truly amazing :-) 


My Media Room Gadgets for 2020

Clearly I enjoy trying out various gadgets to see if they can make our TV viewing experience even more enjoyable as well as keep up-to-date with the latest offerings.  Here are key media room gadgets I bought this year.

  • Remote Controls:

    • SofaBaton​ - one of the best universal remote controls, mainly because its programable via your smartphone!

    • RCA 2 Device - if you only have a TV, a cable box & a media streaming device, this is the remote control for you!!

    • Apple TV Remote You Need - face it Apple fans - the Apple TV remote s**ks.  Use this one instead!!!

  • Fire TV Stick AND Key Adapters You Need

    • Fire TV​ Stick 4K - one of the best media streaming devices with a brand new much improved User Interface

    • Fire TV Ethernet Adapter - connect your Fire TV directly to your home network via wired connection - better playback

    • Fire TV Wireless Remote Control Adapter​ - key adapter so you can use Fire TV with most universal remote controls

And if for the holidays you are getting a new 4K TV or 5.1 sound system, please check out my recommendations.


My Home Network Gadgets for 2020

With us all working from home, our home network is being put to the test every day.

  • Netgear Cable Modem Router (CMR) - one device that is the best at getting strong WiFi throughout your home.

  • Coaxial Cable - you need to place the Netgear CMR somewhere near the center of your home.  Get the right length of cable you need to connect the Netgear to the nearest cable outlet.  You can also find white coax cable on Amazon.
  • WiFi for Desktop PCs - if for some reason you can NOT directly connect your PC via an ethernet cable to your home network AND your desktop PC doesn't have WiFi built in, then this device will bring WiFi to your desktop computer!


My Miscellaneous Gadgets for 2020


  • Wireless Chargers - for charging current Android and Apple 12 on smartphones wirelessly

    • RAVPower Wireless Charging Stand - perfect for your desk and also for your nightstand

    • Anker Wireless Charger - also great for your desk or your nightstand

    • IOttie Wireless Car Charger - mounts our your cars dashboard so you can Waze to where you are going :-)

  • Some Neat Useful Gadgets:

    • Kill A Watt - lets you measure what your various devices in your how are actually using - shown in dollars & cents!

    • Digital Indoor Thermometer - I use this to track the temperature in my media center so devices won't overheat

    • Radiation Free Headset - more time spent w/headsets is exposing your brain to magnetic radiation.  This stops that!!