Start My Upgrades With One Of These Four Guides

By sitting at the

right viewing distance from my TV, I gain a cinematic viewing experience immediately

By having a

surround sound system
I gain cinematic sound, adding a 3rd dimension

to my TV experience

My Watchlist app tracks the shows & movies I am watching across

all my sources so I can quickly see/go to what I want to watch next

My one remote controls my TV, my sound and my sources so I can sit back and enjoy my TV

Enjoy My TV

with a

Home  Cinema  Setup

Why I Need A Home Cinema Setup

Why a home cinema setup? Because it gives me that captivating experience of being at the cinema with sound surrounding me while I am completely engrossed in what I am viewing, be it a movie, a TV show, sports or live news.

EnjoyMyTV's website helps guide me step-by-step in improving my current TV setup to become a home cinema setup.

A Home Cinema Setup has 4 foundation elements:

  1. Cinematic Viewing Experience - my viewing distance matches up with my TV screen size

  2. Surround Sound - ideally with 5 separate speakers and a subwoofer to gain a cinematic sound experience

  3. Media Sources - devices that supply the content I watch & my cross-all-my-sources Watchlist app 

  4. One Remote Control - that completely controls every device in my home cinema setup


1: My Viewing Distance & Screen Size are 50% of the Home Cinema Experience

The key to a great THX Cinematic TV Experience is to have TV screen to appear to be similar in size to what the movie screen is when I go to the movies.  Thus I must match my viewing distance to my TV screen size.  If not a match, then I move closer or get a larger TV or both.


I may need to adjust my room to get a cinematic placement of the right TV for me

Sometimes, the room I am placing my new TV into has constraints on the size of the TV.  These constraints can include sorting out furniture around the TV, the arrangement of seating in the room & whether my viewing seat is centered on the TV or not.

For a Home Cinema Setup, I need to make sure that there are NO constraints on the TV size I choose.  Why?  Because I need to base TV size solely on my viewing distance to the TV and no other factors.

A Home Cinema Setup can be of 3 room types: Home Theater, Cinema Room & Media Room. Home Theater is not covered here.

The 3 key room components of a Home Cinema Setup room are:

  1. My viewing seat is centered on the center of the TV's screen

  2. My viewing distance matches my TV screen size:
    7' - 65" TV  8' - 75" TV  9' - 85" TV

  3. Appropriate places to place the 5 speakers & subwoofer of my 5.1 surround sound system



2: My Sound is the other 50% of the Home Cinema Experience

Star War's director George Lucas has said sound is 50% of the moviegoing experience.

Sound is important because it engages us, it evokes emotional responses and moves us in ways visuals can't do alone.  The sound from dialog, sound effects and music surrounding me elevates my home cinema experience dramatically.



4: All My Media Sources

I have 1 or more media source devices which allows me access to 100's of TV shows, movies, sports & live TV.

By choosing the right media source for me, I can reduce my devices down to 1 or 2 AND I can gain access to a Watchlist app that works for me.

My Watchlist app tracks shows & movies I am watching across all my sources so I can quickly see / go to what I want to watch next.

And the app helps me find engaging things to watch.

All Media Sources
One Remote Control

5: My One Remote Control

If I have 2 or more remote controls to access my my sources, then I need to set up a universal remote control that has one-touch access to all my various media sources.



As I use the Best TV guide to help me improve the cinematic viewing experience, I notice the difference immediately.

As I use the Best Sound guide to help me improve my surround sound experience, I notice the difference the new improvement makes PLUS the sensation I am gaining having them both interplay with each other.

As I adjust / upgrade my sources of media, I notice how much easier it is to watch the right content next!

Having finalized my media sources, I now use the One Remote guide to truly nail the total Home Cinema Experience!

After it is all setup, I can now focus on finalizing the key settings of each of my devices via the Best Setup guide.

And now, I can truly EnjoyMyTV ever day with a total overall experience second-to-none.